Natural Hand Harvested Solar Sea Salt


 “Of all the places on our glorious planet, few rival the brilliant colours of The Bahamas 

Douglas H. Wheelock
NASA Astronaut


Unlike many salt producers, our sea salt is not collected and mined from built up deposits.

All Natural sea salt is produced through a process of evaporating water from the sea.
This raw salt is sun dried by the ever shining rays that cover the entire Bahamas. For this unique, gem of a resource, the pure seawater, tropic winds, and low precipitation should also be credited.

In The Bahamas our salt is classified as Solar Salt. The process of solar salt production is rarely done anywhere else is in the entire Caribbean.





Superior quality shipped internationally 

Bahamian sea salt is a superior resource that is ideal for the use in both cooking and cosmetics.
Naturally produced Bahamian sea salt is now available internationally.
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In the USA, salt that may not have originated from the sea, is allowed to be labeled “sea salt” so long as the FDA approves it.